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Student Services
Student Services Graphic

Students with social and learning disabilities benefit from our intentional educational practices at Harbor City International School. We work with each student to find the educational avenue that will be most productive for learning and growth, and we include special education students in the regular education curriculum as much as possible. Whether we make adaptations to teaching methods, provide supplementary or adapted materials, create instructional groups, or develop alternative methods, we’re committed to implementing a solid Individual Education Plan (IEP) for every special education student in our care.

Student Advocacy

For students experiencing problems at school or at home, we have created a special support group called the Student Advocacy Team (SAT). We refer students to SAT if they are having difficulties with school policies or academics or if they are struggling with a life crisis or concern outside of school.

The SAT team includes a combination of students, parents, a general or special education teacher, the HCIS director, the student’s Base Camp advisor, a school psychologist, and any other teacher or community member who has expertise regarding the particular student or the student’s special circumstances.

In general, we refer students to SAT only if prior interventions have been ineffective. And of course, if a student is experiencing a crisis that is beyond the realm of the staff’s professional knowledge, we will refer the student to an appropriate professional in the community.

Parents, guardians, staff, or students may request SAT intervention for a particular student by contacting that student’s Base Camp advisor.