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The Four Rs

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We know our school is one of many educational options in the Duluth area, and we know you have a choice about where to send your child to school. Our mission at Harbor City International School is to provide high school students with a quality, college-preparatory education in an environment of support and belonging. We place a strong emphasis on intellectual rigor and personal responsibility; because we understand that being prepared for college is about much more than memorizing facts and passing exams. Our students gain a sense of purpose as they set high expectations for themselves and discover that through hard work and dedication, they can achieve their goals and open the door to their dreams.

Academic Rigor

Our school philosophy is centered on academic excellence, and students at HCIS understand that high academic aspirations require persistence and discipline. We implement the nationally recognized Advanced Placement and College in the Schools programs, preparing our students for college—and for life—with a curriculum that emphasizes content mastery; skill development; and higher order thinking skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and analyzing. For more information regarding our outstanding academic curriculum, we invite you to visit our Academics page.

Personal Education

At HCIS, we’re all about making it personal. Upon enrollment, we meet with our students to assess their academic strengths and shortcomings, and we customize each student’s educational experience to best suit his or her needs, interests, and goals. Our class sizes average around 18 students, so our teachers can give each student personal attention and build strong individual relationships.

Students at HCIS gain content knowledge and skills not just to pass exams, but to set the foundation for a lifetime of learning and growth. We work with each student to set individual goals for the present and the future, and we encourage them to take personal responsibility for their education.

Sense of Community

We believe a school environment should be supportive and safe—a place of trust and respect, where students learn to be confident in their individuality and to encourage one another. Every student at HCIS is valued as an essential part of our educational community; and teachers and students actively engage in the learning process together, sharing ideas and working as a team.   

In addition to nurturing a strong sense of acceptance and belonging within the school, we also help students develop awareness of their ability to make a difference in the greater community. We provide service learning and volunteer programs to give students leadership opportunities and to encourage them to contribute their time and talents outside of the classroom.

Student Clubs

We encourage our students to participate in student-organized clubs, which form the basis for Harbor City International School’s after-school activities. Students have the opportunity, under the advisement of teachers or other staff members, to create clubs centered on athletics, social issues, arts, music, academics, or other special interests. We recognize both competitive and non-competitive clubs, and we urge students to take part in HCIS extracurricular activities by participating in at least one club. As they become available, we will post links on the right side of this page to our different clubs.