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Mrs. Tricia Neubarth
Licensed School Counselor
HCIS PSEO Contact Person
(218) 722-7574 ext. 402

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Post Secondary Enrollment Option

Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) is a program that allows students in grades 10-12 to earn both high school and college credit while still in high school, through enrollment in and successful completion of college-level, nonsectarian courses at eligible participating postsecondary institutions. Participating institutions offer most PSEO courses on the campus; some courses are available online. Each participating college or university sets its own requirements for enrollment into the PSEO courses. 

Students must meet the PSEO residency and eligibility requirements and abide by participation limits specified in Minnesota Statutes, section 124D.09. If a school district determines a pupil is not on track to graduate, she/he may continue to participate in PSEO. Schools must provide information to all students in grades 8-11 and their families by March 1, every year. Students must notify their school by May 30 if they want to participate in PSEO for the following school year. 

We encourage and recommend setting up a meeting with Mrs. Neubarth prior to applying to answer any questions regarding PSEO and expectations. We can also determine eligibility at that time. 

We require that all students participating in PSEO must attend the HCIS Symposium classes as these are programmed outside of the college schedule. 

10th grade - Lake Superior College is the only local college offering a limited array of PSEO classes to eligible 10th graders and may only take one career/technical PSEO course. If they earn at least a grade C in that class, they may take additional PSEO courses. Contact LSC directly to inquire of class offerings.

11th/12th grade - Common PSEO selections for our area include LSC, UMD and St. Scholastica (St. Scholastica only accepts eligible seniors). See each website to determine eligibility. Students can opt to do full-time (zero classes at HCIS) or part-time (split day between PSEO institute and HCIS) PSEO.

Deadlines - Fall term - June 1     Spring term - December 1  
You can find application paperwork on each institute’s website.

Online PSEO options - Some institutions offer online PSEO. Be sure to research the institute you are interested in to confirm if they offer the online option. Please note, there is a difference in online classes through your PSEO institute and online PSEO institutions. See Mrs. Neubarth for any questions.

Transportation - HCIS offers a DTA bus pass option to all students. Students that choose to drive are responsible for any parking fees incurred at either HCIS or the PSEO institution they attend.

Fees - Eligible students choosing PSEO have no standard fees charged to them, this includes, tuition, classroom textbooks, and labs. Some classes require additional materials, i.e., an art class may require specific drawing pencils, these fees would be the responsibility of the student. A nursing class may require an exam for a certificate; this would also be your responsibility. Be sure to ask your PSEO institute advisor if any of the classes you are choosing have these additional fees.